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We created WoWeuboost.com to make life easier for anyone who needs to buy anything related to World of Warcraft gaming: arena ratings, RBG ratings, coaching, power leveling, or other ratings or achievements. We specialize in PvE raids boosting, and we can offer you the best prices.

Our top priority is the super-fast delivery of any service that you need, including the fulfillment of orders with special conditions. That’s why we have a lot of unique offers for World of Warcraft players.

Our partners and employees are the best players all around the world, famous for competing in championships and belonging to the best leagues. Many of them are old members of gaming communities. That’s why we can do anything! Well, almost anything.


Challenge mode 

Here you can order all kind of Challenge modes boost - Gold run, Single Dungeon and even Challenge Master!

WoW coaching

If you want to become better you come to right place. Get some coach and become best player! Уour choice, wow pvp coaching or wow pve Coaching.


Fastest and cheapest leveling. You don't want to do boring stuff again and again? Just ask us about wow lvl boost, and we will level your character fast, easy and safe! 

WoW raids loot 

You want to get best gear in game in shortest time? Just do few clicks and get it. We have Hellfire citadel, Blackrock Foundry, Highmaul loot every day, and we can do any order in 24h! Just made an order with task "pve boost" or ask operator if you have any questions

WoW PvP boost

Want to kill guys? We can help you! Grab some gear, get some rating, all in shortest time and for best prices!


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  • Challenge Mode Boost - Gold - Single Dungeon
    Challenge Mode Boost - Gold - Single Dungeon ...
  • Hellfire Raider Glory
    Glory of the Hellfire Raider ...
  • Archimonde Mythic Mount only
    Archimonde kill Mount only ...
  • HFC VIP Package
    Hellfire Citadel VIP Package ...
  • Challenge Mode Boost - Gold
    Challenge Mode Boost - Gold ...
  • RBG Hero rating
    RBG 2200 Rating (Hero) ...
  • Character Leveling 1-100
    Character Leveling 1-100 ...
  • Achievement Hunter Package
    Achievement Hunter Package ...
  • Character Leveling 90-100
    Character Leveling 90-100 ...
  • Hellfire Citadel Full Mythic Gear
    Hellfire Citadel Full Mythic Gear ...
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Powerleveling 90-100
Leveling your character from level 90 to 100.
Also you keep all the gold and rewards gotten in the leveling process. Completion time: 1 – 2 days
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Hellfire Citadel Mythics
Full HFC run with loot only for 169€