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Terms of use

Terms of Use

This Terms of Use shall regulate the relations between the Client and the Agent, hereinafter together referred to as the Parties and separately as the Party in regard to the agent services provided by the Agent. By placing an order in accordance with these Terms of Use, the Client gives consent and agrees with the terms hereafter.

  1. Basic terms.

1.1. Agent shall mean Individual entrepreneur Nikita Glukhikh. Address: Russian Federation, St. Petersburg, Rudneva street 30/1.

1.2. Client shall mean a person asking the Agent for receiving the agent services.

1.3. Agent Services shall mean actions of the Agent carried out by the Agent in his own name and for the account of the Client aimed at organization of intercourse between the Client and the players on exercising actions within the limits of the corresponding game.

1.4. Game shall mean interactive computer online game World of Warcraft.

1.5. Player shall mean a person acting in the Game.

1.6. Gaming Object shall mean any of the following: Gaming Account, Gaming Currency or any other Gaming Object under the scope:

1.6.1. Gaming Account shall mean account of the Player having the data about the Player, his playing character and progress in game;

1.6.2. Gaming Currency shall mean any applicable currency within the game, including without limitation gold, money, honor points, etc., which are considered as a payment method in accordance with the rules of the Game and having some kind of value for the Player;

1.6.3. Gaming Object shall mean without limitation weapons, armor, clothes, artefacts and other solely defined objects used in the Game.

1.7. Character Levelling – actions carried out in accordance with the rules of the Game aimed at:

1.7.1. Increase of characteristics of the character in the Game, including without limitation experience, skills, levels and other characteristics of the character in the Game; and/or

1.7.2. Successful completion of the part of the Game.

1.8. Agent Site shall mean Internet site of the Agent under the domain name


  1. Procedural formalities

2.1. The Client is obliged to attentively read Terms of Use and other applicable rules and instructions in regard to the services of the Agent.

2.2. For placing the order the Client either chooses the required services via the functionality of Agent Site or via Skype enlisted on Agent Site.

2.3. The Client shall provide any required information to the Agent at the first apply of the Agent. By sending the information, the Client gives full and irrevocable acceptance on abidance of any terms and rules applicable, including without limitation transfer of the information to the third parties and concluding any kinds of deals with the third parties for carrying out Agent Services.

2.4. The Client shall transfer payment to the Agent in accordance with the agreed price, which will be used for carrying out Agent Services. This price includes remuneration of the Agent.

2.5. Payment shall be carried out in any way applicable to the Parties.

2.6. Agent shall perform Agent Services within the reasonable period of time. Agent may indicate the approximate amount of time required for performing Agent Services, however, such terms will not be binding.

2.7. The Client may order Agent Services for getting Gaming Object, Character Levelling or any other thing agreed by the Parties.

2.8. The Client understands and agrees that for performing Agent Services information about Client and the account of the Client in Game may be transferred to the responsible Player. The Client shall not use the account of the Client in Game without consent of the Agent or responsible Player until Agent Services are carried out in full.


  1. Special Terms

3.1. The Client understands and agrees that the Agent is performing on behalf of the Client and that the Agent is just an intermediary between the Player and the Client. The Agent shall not be responsible for any acts or actions by the Player or any other third parties in regard to the account of the Client in Game, including without limitation any bans of the account, breach of confidentiality, etc.

3.2. Any messages sent by the Parties shall be considered as documents that prove their intentions. The Parties agree that such messages shall be legally valid without any further approvals unless otherwise agreed by the Parties.


  1. Additional Terms

4.1. The Agent is not entitled for the work of the chosen payment method and for the work of the payment systems. Any cooperation between the Party and the payment system shall be out of the scope of regulation of these Terms of Use.

4.2. Any additional payments, including commissions, taxes, fees, etc., which emerge in connection with purchase of delivery of the Agent Services shall be covered by the Client.

4.3. The Client understands and agrees that any Agent Services provided may contradict terms of use of the Game, and therefore, the Client that the Agent shall not be entitled for remuneration for any and all liability for performance of Agent Services, including ban of the account of the Client.