Our WoW Boost Team

Our PvE Team

Many people ask who are our PvE wow boost team members and what is their in-game progress.

Unfortunately, we cannot disclose the real names of our team members or even their characters’ names in order to prevent unnecessary attention as well as any sanctions from Blizzard. We, in turn, never disclose the names or any other personal details of our customers, so you should understand that you are going to know the character names of the respective team members only during the execution of the requested services.

However, in general, we work only with the best of the best players out there on PvE scene, those in top 50 of the World First lists closing the raids in the front rows, those in the guilds from the Hall of Fame and usually top-1 of their servers.

We use the best teams for our WoW boost services from both EU region and US region, and in case you wish a selfplay boost, we shall do our best to provide you with the ones speaking your language for your convenience.

This is the reason why we are ready to provide you with all kind of raid boost services as soon as the raid itself hits live servers. Only mythic difficulty may take some time to be cleared, so should you wish to get boosted through the mythic raids, it may take some time for our team to clear and farm it first. However, even such short delay is nothing in comparison with trying to clear mythic raid without our assistance, since it usually takes weeks or even months.

All in all, should you choose Island Expedition boost or fullgear from the most current mythic raid, you are going to be carried only by the best pro PvE players who really know what has to be done and how it has to be done.

Check out our PvE pages in order to get more specific information on the services you wish to receive, and leave the rest to us.

Our PvP Team

There are also a lot of inquiries about our PvP wow boost team members. Well, they are quite alike our PvE teams, although their focus is on getting to the top of PvP activities available.

Their real or character names are also kept in secret for the reasons above, and we also ask you to keep this information private after execution of the chosen service, since its disclosure may affect both our work and your progress as well. We would like to repeat once more that just alike, we keep the details of the customers in top secret in order to minimize all possible risks.

As already said above, only best PvP-oriented players are accepted to become our coaches and helpers, only those getting multiple gladiator titles, those who got R1 gladiator and best of the best teams for RBGs are found qualified enough to provide you with our services.

Our teams, just alike in PvP, are from different countries of both EU region and RU region, and if selfplay boost is applicable, you will most probably be provided with the players speaking your language for your convenience. In case of piloted boost, we always use VPNs, so you should not have any worries in case you got helped by a player from the country different that yours.

Our PvP team is here to provide you with all kind of WoW boost PvP services, when result is always calculated and guaranteed. We provide any kind of services including Arena boost or RBG boost. Several of those may take some time to be executed properly, so you may inquire our managers for more specific information on time of deliverance.

Therefore, should you choose Gladiator title or Vicious War Beast for your collection, you will receive help only from the best pro PvP players in as fast and efficient way as possible.

Check out our PvP pages in order to get more specific information on the services you wish to receive, and leave the rest to us.