Guarantees is a platform where professional WoW players offer almost any kind of in-game services for a considerable price to the vast majority of the community. This site have started as a service provided by only a couple of enthusiastic individuals, and now we are one of the biggest WoW service providers out there. We strive to provide only top-quality services to our clients, and provide highest level of security and reliability.

reasons to trust us

Wide range of services

Our offers includes levelling boost, PvE boosts (including mythic and heroic), PvP boosts (including arena and RBG) and a lot more. If you cannot find the product you wish, please contact our support team via Skype or live chat, and we will do our best to satisfy your needs.

Payment method

G2Apay is one of the most secure and well-known payment methods in the world, not only in connection with gaming services. They as well provide highest support to customers regarding any question or dispute on the payment.

Security guarantees

In connection to any of your orders, you may choose which way of service delivery you prefer: account sharing or self-play. We guarantee security of your account, as we use VPN to match your country and city.


Our services are not only safe, but are also the best of quality in comparison to the moderate prices we offer. We have been working hard on our spotless reputation for years, and we never want to compromise it in any way. Our team is of high appreciation on, and we use services of only top players from respected guilds. Whichever aspect of game you choose, PvE or PvP, you will get the best of possible services out there basing on a many-year experience of our team.


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