How do you work?

We work very alike for all kind of services. After you place the order, we will add you to our official skype chat for additional instructions. In order to proceed, we need upfront payment.

I do not have Skype or do not want to talk, then what?

Skype is a very user-friendly program, and will take like 5 minutes of your time to install and register in. We keep Skype logs in order to execute orders in the most fast and efficient manner. We also respond there much faster. The correspondence on Skype is carried out in written form, there is no need for microphone.

Is there a difference between selfplay and piloted boost?

When you choose selfplay, you do not need to share your account, just be online ready for your boost on arrange time and day. Piloted boost means you need to share your account so we could perform our services.

How do I share account?

If you have never done that before, account sharing procedure may be a puzzle for you. Most players suppose that by giving their account information to someone else, they also provide access for that person. However, that is quite more difficult. Some assistance will be required from you like authenticator/sms code or unlocking on a website. The procedures are standard for any piloted boosts and are unavoidable for us to log into your account.

Is it safe to share my account?

We put safety of your account on top of our priority list. Besides keeping information strictly confidential, we are also using VPN for your safety. From technical point of view, it looks just like you are playing in your own country and city, but from a slight different location, so basically it is 99.9% safe.

However, there are rare cases of suspension for abusive account sharing and we cannot take any responsibility for them. Usually, they happen only with high-rated PvP boost orders, and this is a risk you are taking with this kind of services purchased.

What does item guarantee mean?

Should you purchase a guarantee, either tier guarantee or a particular item reserved, the result shall always be the same: you will receive the required item in your inventory with a 100% chance. In case the desired item or items do not drop from the first attempt, you will be taken into the next raid and so on until you get the item.

How much time does it take to execute my order?

Depending on the kind of requested services and your character, it varies. However, mostly your order can be proceeded within 24 hours from the moment of purchase.

Can I track account sharing service execution?

Most of our services are streamed, so you may see the progress in real time.

Can I see reviews about your work?

You may look through comments to our post on OwnedCore right here: http://www.ownedcore.com/forums/mmo-trading-market/world-of-warcraft-buy-sell-trade/518969-woweuboost-eu-us-hfc-brf-hm-boost-challenges-arena-more.html#post3285905

or on trustpilot https://www.trustpilot.com/review/woweuboost.com

Why do you need my armory?

Your armory profile lets us gather all information on your character and avoid overwhelming you with questions on your faction, class, gear, specialization, etc. It saves a lot of time and it is also required for booking afterwards.