Post 7. Shrine of the Storm

Shrine of the Storm is a 120-level dungeon introduced in the Battle for Azeroth located in eastern Stormsong Valley. Shrine of the Storm is an enormous temple on an island, also serving as a seat for the House Stormsong and the Tidesages. However, this place has been corrupted with a dark force and now is a threat to the fleet of Kul Tiras. For the reasons unknown, the nagas became interested in these sacred grounds, which caused Lord Stormsong to fall under the will of N’zoth. He has to be stopped at any cost by the group of challengers.

This dungeon is represented in Normal, Heroic and Mythic difficulties granting drops of ilvl 310, 325 and 340 respectively. For Mythic+, the drop is provided in a special chest after the run with the items depending on the Mythic Keystone used. Any difficulty of Shrine of the Storm may be included in our WoW boost packages or provided separately, inquire for more information.

The players are going to face four horrifying bosses in order to reclaim these lands for Kul Tiras once and for all:

  • Aqu’sirr, one of the many creatures from the dark deeps below, twisted by Lord Stormsong to defend the shrine and the ritual from the intruders. This giant corrupted water elemental shall have no mercy on the living beings, serving its master.
  • Tidesage Council containing of Brother Ironhull and Galecaller Faye for years have been using the fleet of Kul Tiras to be unmatched on the seas, but were ultimately corrupted by Queen Azhara. Now they are on the way to reclaim what was once protected and to bring it to nagas, for the defeat of Kul Tiras at sea.
  • Lord Stormsong, a master of House Stormsong, was the one to guide the Tidesages in their sailing through the rough oceans. However, his betrayal is now threatens to all Kul Tiran fleet to be fall to the will of queen Azhara, which means the immediate loss of war for the Alliance. The madness of the Lord has to be stopped once and for all before it is too late.
  • Vol’zith the Whisperer is the one behind it all, so Lord Stormsong’s death means nothing without the defeat of Vol’zith, or corruption will proceed. The giant faceless, servant of Queen Azshara and N’zoth, Vol’zith promised power and glory to Lord Stormsong to get over the waters of these lands and to kneel Kul Tiras for the glory of his masters.

Among other activities in the dungeon, one will be able to get numerous achievements, of which there are Breath of the Shrine, The Void Lies Sleeping, and Trust No One

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