Dungeons and raids in the Burning Crusade

TBC return is going to bring all significant old dungeons and raids like the Arcatraz with glorious Millhouse Manastorm, lengthy Karazhan and hardcore Sunwell Plateau. 

As for the dungeons, it takes a lot of dedication to get into Heroic versions, since Revered reputation is a way of grind and hours spent on quests and normal versions. The raids are time-demanding as well, since almost all of them require the keys and attunements, which take hours and days invested. 

However, if Blizzard decide to bring old experience as is, without upcoming nerfs, all dungeon and raid content is going to be also skill- and gear-dependent experience. Like Magtheridon is going to be almost twice as fat as he used to be in 2.3-2.4 patches.

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