Current records for WoW collections

Some people play World of Warcraft for fun, while others are aimed at the records and getting their collections as vast as it is literally possible in game. There are a lot of records, including mount collections, greatest arena or RIO ratings and so on. This article is about those who achieved most and are now beyond any other human efforts, except, of course, for those who use our wow collection boost services.

The biggest collection of achievement points equal to 36 670 (98,9% of achievements in game) belongs to Billym from EU-Azralon, while the biggest amount of titles is a proud thing for Niixten from EU-Anh’Qiraj. There are also numerous full collections including transmog – 58 276 item looks or 100% of those in game for Gaulish from US-Bloodscalp or toys, again for Niixten.

There are also quite great numbers regarding PvP like 5 294 200 kills for Dannygreen from EU-Soulflayer or honor levels for Pandora from EU-Draenor. Of course, we cannot offer you as much honorable kills in a week, but our wow pvp boosts can get you a step closer to those numbers. Of course, if you wish so.

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