Classic Re-Release

After almost ten and a half long years World of Warcraft Classic is almost ready to be rereleased. The old war comes to the old Azeroth once again, and there are plenty of new wow boost services we’ve prepared for you. Starting from August 27, the Alliance and the Horde will be separated once again to their zones, classes and unique mechanics. Yet, it matters not, which one you choose, since we will as always be there for you with the cheapest wow classic boosts and a lot of stuff to offer.

Starting from the very first day of release, our wow classic leveling services will be available for your consideration. It will take time, yet you will need even more if you try to do it yourself, letting aside all the efforts and corpseruns included.

After you get to level 60, the fun part begins – the raids, which will be two on Stage 1: Onyxia’s Lair and Molten Core. However, there will be no different difficulties, so even if you get to level 60, there are several more steps to be accepted to the raids. And here is when we offer our wow classic dungeon services.

As in BfA, they differ a lot. You can choose single item boost, fullgear preraid bis wow classic boost and a lot more. We will provide you with any stuff you wish: rewards from dungeons, rewards from quests and many more.

And even if you are 110% ready to raid, there may not be raids seeking for members, or you want to play as a so-called meme spec, or you just can’t attend raid time on a daily basis. When we have an opportunity, we will open wow classic raid boosts, which will also include fullgear classic boosts, raid tier classic boosts, single item wow classic boosts and many more.

Since the servers are separated completely, we will do our best to get nice raiding setups on each server for each side, so worry not to preorder our greatest wow classic boost services. We will execute them as soon as it is literally possible, just as always.

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