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WoWEUboost.com was created to help players to surf easily through the high content of World of Warcraft and make their life in game easier. Here you can buy everything about WoW: pve boost, arena ratings, RBG ratings, coaching, power leveling, any kind of achievements. No more time spent on farming difficult achievements or items, no more disappointment and PUG raids. We specialize in PvE raids boosting and we are always aimed to offer you the best prices.
Our top priority is the super-fast delivery of any service that you need, including the fulfillment of orders with special conditions. We have a lot of unique offers for World of Warcraft players.

Our partners and employees are the best players all around the world, famous for competing in championships and belonging to the best leagues and rankings. Many of them are old members of gaming community. That’s why we can do anything! Well, almost anything.

 WoW coaching

WoW coaching service is aimed to improve your gaming skills and your class knowledge. Our coaches are professional gamers who achieved top positions in PvE and PvP rankings. If you feel that your personal progress has stopped for some reason just ask us for help.

It’s time to become the best player on your realm! You can choose between WoW PvP coaching and WoW PvE Coaching.


Fastest and cheapest leveling for everyone who doesn’t want to do boring stuff again and again. Just ask us about WoW lvl boost, and we will level your character fast and easy! Enjoy the high content, not leveling. 

WoW raids loot 

Everyone knows that the best gear drops in raids. It’s the most efficient and the most time-consuming way to get high item level equipment and BIS trinkets. It’s time to forget about wipes and random raid groups, low skilled PUGs and competition for loot. Choose our PVE raid boost service for fast runs with master loot to the Emerald Nightmare in all difficulties from normal to mythic. We have raid loot raids with top players of the community every day, and we can do any order in 24h! Get the best gear in shortest time.

WoW PvP boost

Your PvP rating talks about your skills, reaction and class knowledge. It’s the real index of your gaming level. But there are always so much barriers that don’t allow the good PvP players to take high rankings: low skilled teammates, lack of time, low gear. We can help you to get any rank you want from Rival to Gladiator. Gear, rating and prestige - all in shortest time and for the best prices!

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  • WoW Personal Coach
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  • Light Start Package (incl. Bonus)
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Powerleveling 100-110
Leveling your character from level 100 to 110.
Also you keep all the gold and rewards gotten in the leveling process. Completion time: 1 – 2 days
Mythic Dungeons
Cheapest mythic dungeons boost!
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